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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Horror Bus - hop on board: Movie Review of War of The Worlds

Horror Bus - hop on board: Movie Review of War of The Worlds: Another of those films I never got around to watching at the movies or when it was first released on DVD... War of the Worlds with Tom C...

Monday, 12 March 2012

5 grim things in Grove Park

I usually focus on nice things like the flowers, but what with all this austerity and cutting, things are going back to the 1980s / 1990s in the brain of the nation - homelessness is up 14% already for example - faces are strained, clothes all look tattier, people all seem to swear and spit in the street more often...

At least we have 'big society' and civic pride etc...

1. We start are tour at the once lovely donated wishing well which is in need of some TLC - been like this months already...

2. We then find the remains of yet another person whom has decided to use the park as a toilet (despite public loos actually in the park) these pooy pants have been here several weeks...

3. The Victorian Waterfall is looking a bit unloved...

4. The kiddies (when not lobbing rocks and mud in Jill's garden) are very arty - this bottom has a sanitary towel placed between bum cheeks, nice old structure, but at least they haven't knocked it down, like the little shelter that was also used as a toilet...

5. Arse on a tree, I'm sure this tree is very impressed.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Zoë Hewett Design (84) retro furnishing Bristol UK
Zoë Hewett Design (84)

Penguin Prints and Weston Walks

A couple of new businesses I saw in mercury this week

These are both ideas I've thought would be good additions to the town at various times.

First one is Weston Walks  -  Essentially a guided tour with tales of the towns history, including ghosts and various events that have effected the town over the years - the tsunami of 1607 sounds interesting as I read somewhere that a family from uphill survived to tell the tale. FACEBOOK PAGE

Hope They've looked into the Charles Forte connection, no doubt Hans Price buildings will be mentioned, I'd be interested in the war / post war years when Birnbeck was a 'ship' and the American's had influence here.

Also like to know more about the Fort, and the early Iberian settlers.  I know nothing about the ghosts of the town or hauntings either.

Another business featured in The Mercury:

Penguin Prints, 12 Baker Street

This shop essential sound like a local version of a zazzle or cafepress store - so I will be checking it out, I've got photos I'd like personalized and put on stickers/mugs etc - cafepress is good/cheap but it would be nice to have a local store outputing prints / my artwork on canvases for people to buy.

I can't find the facebook page or website of this shop (it wasn't in the article) but I'll add it here when I find that info - link above goes to the article on the mercury.

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